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Bent glass tables add versatility

Make something stand out by making it almost invisible. Bent glass tables can make your room seem larger while still giving you a place to set things down. It is also a unique fixture that will add to the design of your room.

We have 24-hour emergency service for all your glass needs.


Give your room a unique look with beautiful table tops

Get glass tables that add beauty and function to any room from the licensed and insured experts of Parthenon Glass, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY. No matter what size or shape you need, let our more than 35 years of experience help you create the perfect glass to fit that shape.


You can also get a unique edge to your glass top. As a fabricator, we can bevel your edge to add that extra touch of beauty to your glass top. Call 718-438-4808 for a FREE estimate.

Unique table edges include:

Parthenon Glass, Inc. has been recognized for the high level of quality products and service we provide to you.

  • Flat diamond polished

  • Pencil polished

  • Bullnose

  • Cuvare

  • OG edge

  • Triple waterfall

Different shapes of tables available

  • Bent glass table bases

  • ½” thick glass

  • See dining table bases

  • See cocktail table bases

  • See end table bases

  • Vee dining table bases

cta table top glass bass