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Low iron available for a clear glass

Have you ever noticed the green tint on most glass structures? This is due to the iron in the glass. We carry low iron glass so you have a cleaner, more clear glass.

Our clear glass choices include

Masterglass and low iron.


Quality types of windows combining beauty and privacy

Parthenon Glass, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, provides many different types of glass in a variety of different patterns allowing you to keep the light in while keeping prying eyes out. Call us today at 718-438-4808 for more information and your FREE estimate.


Whether you want to keep your office or your shower private, we have many patterns available, such as Niagara or reeded, that have been traditionally used for this purpose.

Wide array of pattern glass choices

Our technicians and highly trained glass professionals provide expert installation at an AFFORDABLE price.

  • Reeded (clear)

  • Large cross reeded

  • Small cross reeded

  • Thin ribbed

  • Acid etched

  • Satin acid etch clear

Choose the right glass pattern

  • Diamond polished wire

  • Georgian polished wire

  • Dots

  • Master Care

  • Master Ray

  • Niagara

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